From FinTechs to FinTeX Guru

Fintex started as an idea – to move the financial services forward in to the digital future.

After working in the financial software industry for over 10 years, I’ve gathered enough experience, through observation and know-how to realize that the market is still filled with companies who are not living up to their potential.

By leading the development of major payment and neo-banking services I’ve discovered that many enterprises do not cover the full needs of their user base.

At the beginning of 2019 I gathered a team of experts in the fields of Business and Software development, UI/UX Design, Risk & Compliance, to create the trading platform of the future.

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My Three Pillars of Success


The Future of Finance is lead by innovations. Implemented properly and at the right moment, you could save time, money reputation and the hassle!
If the ability to sense the need for innovation was a super power, I would have been a superhero.


First Principle Design Thinking! Brett Kind said it best and I have no doubts of doing it. Better start something from scratch than wasting your time with legacy.
Life is too short for shitty user experience and software!


Being honest with myself, my customers and affiliates - that's what makes the difference. Keeping my moral and ethical standards strong helped me with my achievements and defined my biggest accomplishments so far.
Knowledge isn’t just information that anyone can acquire, it’s the understanding of it that comes from within.
My values is what defines my business, my work – everything.

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