First Principle Design & Digital Solutions for Your Business

Not only Fintech companies struggle when trying to scale up sustainably or down properly. Small and medium-sized enterprises are all susceptible to the same mistakes.


The FinTex Guru is here to solve each of these issues. Just name one!  With knowledge, expertise and plenty of market analysis, I can help mitigating most of the risks on the path to success!

Business & Project Strategies

It’s crucial to be on the same page. That is why I aim to provide business insights for the C-Suite and executives.

Short and long term Strategy, management structures, recruitment plans, sales projections, marketing mapping, revenue goals, all of it segmented and working together for your business.

Advising & Managing

As a Fintex Guru I focus on flexibility depending on the project at hand. From managing and supervising your personnel in order to achieve the project goals, to outsourcing the workload to teams of highly skilled professionals with proven background in the FinTech industry.

Thus the expertise and service provided could encompass the following fields:

• Business Development
• UI/UX Design
• Digital Marketing
• Software Development & DevOps
• Risk & Compliance
• Cybersecurity

Wondering where to start or what the scope of your project might be? Get in touch and let me do the rest!

Digtal Transformation

It’s the new digital era for the service industry. Focusing on accessibility, convenience and Quality of Life improvements is what defines a note wordy user experience.

Plan for the future of your business and expand your customer reach.

End-to-end Project Management Service

From strategy to action. Depending on your needs and project in mind I can provide the guidance required.

Connecting the dots between business development, risk and compliance, design and user interface or software development and cybersecurity.

Public Speaking

I always strive to inspire companies and better the conditions for new and developing enterprises. That is why I have participated in more than a few events as a public speaker, sharing my vision, ideas and recommendations for the betterment of the service industry.

You are more than welcome to check one of my future events, or watch a past lecture.

Let’s see how I can help you!

I’ll be happy to join forces with you to discuss scaling up your business, your idea for digital transformation, product development or to hear your new startup idea.